Epic Destinies

Acquiring an Epic Destiny is a central part of the campaign, and must be done as part of the regular adventures. Therefore, each character should pick an ED early, preferably at character creation, but no later than level 15. No two characters may have the same ED.

The following Epic Destinies are (based on their fluff) inherited, and can therefore (usually) only be selected at character creation. It will usually be possible to take an acquired ED instead (such as Archlich), as long as the inherited one has not been “activated”. None of the initial characters have an inherited ED.

  • Avatar of Io (Player’s Handbook Races: Dragonborn). Recommended.
  • Demigod (Player’s Handbook): In addition to the usual cheese, a Demigod can access the Divine power source without restrictions, despite the silence of the Gods.
  • Draconic Incarnation (Dragon Magazine 388)
  • Dragonheart (Martial Power 2)
  • Fang of the World Serpent (Primal Power)
  • Fury of the Wild (Primal Power)
  • Heir to the Empire (Player’s Handbook Races: Tiefling)
  • Honored Ancestor (Primal Power)
  • Perfect Slayer (Dragon Magazine 379)
  • Primal Avatar (Player’s Handbook 2)
  • Reborn Champion (Dragon Magazine 365)
  • Reincarnate Champion (Primal Power)
  • Star-Favored Champion (Martial Power 2)
  • Storm Sovereign (Dragon Magazine 372)
  • Thief of Legend (Dragon Magazine 388)
  • Unyielding Sentinel (Dragon Magazine 388)

The following Epic Destinies are not available due to incompatible fluff:

  • Archspell (Arcane Power): Become Epic by being associated with a single all-powerful spell, but it can be changed each level? Makes no sense.
  • Avatar of [Death, Freedom, Hope, Justice, Life, War]: All avatars disappeared when the Gods went silent.
  • Bahamut’s Vessel: Villain only ;)
  • Champion of Prophecy, Dispossessed Champion, Heir of Siberys, Mourning Savior, Sublime Flame: Specific to Eberron.
  • Chosen, Exalted Angel, Punisher of the Gods, Raven Knight, Redeemed Drow, Saint: Requires divine intervention.
  • Elf High Mage, Harper of Legend: Specific to Forgotten Realms.
  • Soul of the World: Fluff is impossible.

All other Epic Destinies can be acquired during play. The methods vary from the trivial (rarely) to near-impossible (most of them).

Epic Destinies

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